(20620301) Adco Imp Sight with Mount

Adco Imp Sight with Mount

Price: $18.99

SKU: 20620301
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This addition to the ADCO® reflex sight line will make the novice shooter an "eagle-eye" in minutes. iMPTM offers all the advantages of higher priced reflex sight at a fraction of the cost. It even has built in mounts compatible with standard .22 caliber style 3/8 inch dovetail. This product was built "from the ground up to be an electronic sight. iMPTM has a polymer body with metal mounts. Many air gun shooters, particularly paintball game shooters, find iMPTM to be just what they need to get off a well placed shot. The value of reflex sight shooting is now well established. For action games like paintball, the ADCO® iMPTM is recognized as a winner. If you are teaching your youngster how to handle firearms properly, iMPTM is the perfect tool. Nothing pleases a young shooter like success. Think of how happy you'll be when your son or daughter wants to go shoot "bulls-eyes" again.

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