(24890315-0) CCM Autococker 2 (Old-style) Barrel Sizer - Dust Black (0.675 - 0.690)

CCM Autococker 2" (Old-style) Barrel Sizer - Dust Black (0.675 - 0.690)

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SKU: 24890315-0
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The CCM Barrel Sizers are made them to fit the most popular autococker style markers. This sizer will fit autococker threaded bodies only and will only fit CCM Carbon Fiber barrels and CCM aluminum barrels. This listing is for the 2" barrel sizer, the older-style. CCM products carry a LifeTime Workmanship Warranty. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is NON-TRANSFERABLE. This warranty does not apply to items that have been abused, misused, modified or repaired.

Additional Information:

  • Old-style barrels are 1" in outer diameter (OD) and the 2" old-style sizers have a matching OD of 1"
  • New-style barrels have an OD of 7/8", so these old-style sizers will fit on them, but there will be a slight lip on the outside of the barrel, though they will perform flawlessly
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