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Combo Pack Upgrade

Combo Pack Upgrade

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Combo Pack Upgrade

So you just bought a gun but realized that won't do you much good without everything else you need to work the darn thing. So you hop in your car and make your way to your local "paintball" shop only to realize that it's going to be about $100 more just to make your gun shoot. Why put yourself through all that when you know Hustle Paintball has a way to get you out of all those bad paintball situations? Buy a package upgrade for your marker, all you need, all at once, for less than you would spend buying them all separately. What a relief...we know.

Package Contains:

  • 20 oz. CO2 Tank
  • Entry Level Mask
  • 200 Round Hopper
  • 4+1 Harness
  • (4) 140 Round Pods

20 ounce CO2 Tank

For use in paintball, a CO2 tank is fairly simple, consisting of an aluminum cylinder and a pin valve (usually brass). The pin valve depresses when you screw the CO2 tank in to your paintball gun, allowing a free flow of unregulated CO2 into the gun (usually about 800psi). Many guns use a simple valve system to control the gas flow and fire paintballs, but more and more, paintball guns are being sold with regulators, to better control the consistency and pressure level of the gas inside the marker. These CO2 tanks have several safety features, as well.

  • 1800psi Burst Disk - If the pressure inside the CO2 tank exceeds 1800psi, a burst disk will safely release all the air out to prevent a possible rupture. Possible causes would be leaving your tank in direct sunlight, allowing the gas to expand.
  • Excessively strong aluminum cylinder - These tanks are rated at over 3000psi rupture ratings. Long before pressure inside the tank could reach a dangerous level, the 1800psi burst disk will release the pressure out.
  • Simply screw the CO2 tank into your paintball gun, and you're ready to go
  • Note - CO2 tanks are not recommended for electro-pneumatic paintball guns. If you have questions regarding what tank you should purchase for your paintball gun, please give Hustle Paintball a call.

High-Quality Mask

Hustle Paintball offers a full line of paintball masks, each one specifically designed to fit an exact need in the industry. Whatever your requirements are, whether they are tournament, scenario, recreational or tactical, Hustle Paintball has a goggle with your name on it.

  • 190 degree field of vision
  • Slimmer fit, narrow profile design
  • Single, fog resistant lens
  • May appear different than pictured, but is of equal or greater value

Paintball Hopper 200 round

  • A Fast Feeding Hopper without the batteries saves you money!
  • This holds a full 200 rounds of paint and feeds it fast without jamming or batteries. There are no moving parts to break, no batteries to buy, no motor to burn up, no electronics to go bad.
  • Try out this new hopper for yourself and you'll feel the difference.

GxG 4+1 Harness with (4) Pods

The 4+1 pack is constructed of tough materials to withstand all of the abuse that you can dish out. The stealth black color ensures that you will escape detection in any environment. It has a low profile design has horizontal pods that don't stand up when you're leaning out of a bunker. Forget the days of getting tagged in your pod tip, because you've gone low profile!

The pods are awesome - they can take a beating and laugh at you. Manufactured out of tough plastic, they have great lids that snap shut securely and pop open with ease. Unlike the pods that have "finger grooves," these pods have a tab on the lid that allows you to pop them open easily.

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