(20220309) Dye Precision DAM Izon Red Dot Sight - Black

Dye Precision DAM Izon Red Dot Sight - Black

Price: $99.95

SKU: 20220309

Dye brings us the IZON occluding red dot sight. The rapid acquisition red dot uses your brains ability to overlay data from both eyes onto a target. The result is you can see the red dot with both eyes open on the intended target without actually projecting a dot. Dual adjustment knobs allow you to dial in the Izon sight to match the marker you are using it on. This allows you to adjust the focal points so you can get it right on target. The result is a bright red dot you can see but the target can't. Ideal for short range engagement and room clearing. Dual adjustment for variable focal points, standard picatinny mounting, heavy duty aluminum construction.

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