(27220601-0) Dye Precision Lock Lid Pod - 6 Pack

Dye Precision Lock Lid Pod - 6 Pack

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SKU: 27220601-0

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Dye Precision Lock Lid Pod - 6 Pack - SmokeThe Dye Lock Lid Pod is the answer to lost paint. We've all been there. Just as you reach around for a new pod, "bloop", your paint is everywhere but in your hopper. Now you can play in confidence knowing that the Lock Lid Pod is doing its job. The Lock Lid is designed to easily open with a slide of your thumb, but guaranteed to stay closed during rugged play.

Pods come in pack of 6.

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    Number of Reviews: 1

    • 2012-04-14
    Lock Lids are great. They hold more paint, and open and close well. I haven't spilled paint pulling these from the harness, but then again I never did using regular pods either. I just wish they'd make the locking latch a bit stronger, so you could toss paint to a buddy in a bunker 10 feet away without spilling it. But all in all, great pods even though they're pricey. But at Hustle Paintball, buying a six pack basically gets you one pod free They're six bucks each pretty much anywhere you look, and six pack prices at those other stores run you $36, so you don't get a discount like here at Hustle

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