(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam (28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam (28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam (28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam (28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam (28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam (28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam (28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam (28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam
(28220139) Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam

Dye Precision i4 Mask - DyeCam

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The i4 Mask is the smallest, lightest, lowest profile and has the best field of vision. The i4 has a revolutionary patent pending rapid lens changing system that allows you to change lenses in under 10 seconds. It is the quickest and easiest lens changing system in the sport today. The unique design of two tabs allows you to remove the current lens and replace or clean it with ease. Simply push on each interior tab arm, slide them forward and the lens is free to be removed. Insert the new lens and pull both tabs back to securely lock the lens in place. No separate parts to take off, no extra pieces in your hand.

The i4 offers more vertical and horizontal peripheral vision than any other mask system on the market today. Clear, unobstructed vision both up and down allows you to clearly see all of the field details without constantly moving your head. Movement is much easier to recognize and provides a clear visual advantage. This is also combined with our optically correct tirodial impact lens that provides perfect clarity and sharpness while protecting your eyes. Designed with the Professional in mind, the i4 goggle system provides you comfort, rigidity and lightweight protection with our one piece, dual injected mask. The comfortable, ergonomic, low profile mask not only allows you to sight closer to your marker, but also allows freedom of movement with its lightweight design. The small,compact, lightweight design of the i4 will almost allow you to forget you are even wearing a mask at all.

The sleek, light, low profile soft compression ear pads provide the protection you need while offering style and hearing clarity. Ear protection is important and the i4 provides it while not being obstructive, bulky or heavy. Additionally, the i4 ear pieces are backed with a Cool Max® liner that wicks sweat away while providing comfort and keeping your ears cool. The anatomically correct i4 mask system offers the best in comfort for all facial contours. Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the i4 mask is the latest in anatomical facial fit and is supported by its lightweight construction. The i4 is also tested at twice the current impact ASTM standards. The i4 is built for comfort and built to last. The i4 retention strap system needs to be adjusted once and once only. This sure lock feature is made possible by the woven rubber that is in the strap material itself. Unlike silicone that eventually breaks down and peels off, the elasticity of our rubber straps will out last the competition. The i4 is designed to fit your head and stay that way. One of the i4's greatest features is the Multi-Directional Venting. Utilizing precise blade angling and a proven venting configuration, the i4 Multi-Directional Venting will make communication with your teammates effortless. This unique patented design drastically reduces re-ventilated fogging and will throw your voice farther and clearer than any other vented mask on the field. We've reduced the overall weight by 20%, giving you every possible edge.

The i4 comes equipped with a thermal lens, providing optimal lens clarity in any weather situation. The scratch resistant coating protects both sides of the lens against scratches and minor abrasions.


  • HD Lens

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    • 2014-10-26
    I have had this mask for a long time, but recently experienced a deal breaker , the lens retention system inexplicably won't retain the lenses anymore , the only thing holding them in is tension from the frame, for that reason I'm switching to a different mask .

    • 2014-06-04
    I personally Love the i4 and I finally switched over from my Proto Axis. I got the mask for woodsball. Just wanted to leave a couple points that I had a hard time finding out. The mask profile is low around the jawline, and that allows you to get a much cleaner sight picture with a red dot or scope without the need for a raiser. With a raiser I have no problem getting my cheek down on the stock to see my red dot. The Thermal mask on the Dyecam is the HD lens and it really does brighten up the woods. --- Hustle paintball is a great shopping experience. I live in Canada and the mask arrived within a week of ordering it. My last order with Hustle a piece I had ordered was not in stock, So they Personally called me and explained the situation and stayed on the phone with me to help determine the best action to take, as well as some great paintball talk. I totally recommend ordering from Hustle Paintball and I will again for sure.

    • 2012-06-14
    I am very very happy with Hustlepaintball customer service. I continue to purchase from them and never had problems. I ordered this mask and it had a factory defect in which the mask was warped. Hustle Paintball quickly sent me another after sending a picture of the warped mask I received a new one right away and shipped the old one back with the box they provided. This mask is really great...the best only con is forehead protection.

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