(23032101) Empire Action Pack 3+6 Harness - Breed - Black

Empire Action Pack 3+6 Harness - Breed - Black

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SKU: 23032101

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Durable, form-fitting and built to last, the Empire Action Pack paintball harness can carry all the paint you need to get you through anything from quick points inside the net to long hours spent creeping in the brush. A no-slip lumbar pad keeps this pack exactly where you put it and silicone pod gripz are screened onto the inner wall of every elastic pod ejector! If you're hitting mid-field early, take three pods, get there fast and do damage. For longer games, stock up with as many as 9 pods!


  • Non-slip lumbar pad
  • Medical-grade Velcro for the maximum hold and ultimate durability
  • Flexible neoprene belt for minimum restriction
  • Heavy duty stitching
  • Carry between 3 and 9 pods

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    Number of Reviews: 1

    • 2013-11-03
    This Harness is mediocre. While the features are absolutely pleasing, the quality of this pack isn't. Empire soft goods aren't known to be that impressive. On my harness, the straps that hold the pods up were stitched at a wrong angle to the pack, so i always have to pull it up sideways to secure my pods in. Sometimes because of that, my pods slip and fall out. Also, the material on the pod straps aren't that great either. The velcro REALLY likes to stick to them and whenever i detach the velcro, the material frays. The material isn't that durable either on the back. It started fraying the 2nd time i played. Although the cons, the thing i like most about this pack is the front waist straps and back support. The Back support is very good. It has a back gel padding and something like memory foam. The straps are nice and tight and can be adjusted multiple ways. They almost never slip down. All in all, these are an okay pod pack. If they changed the material and maybe improved the quality of the stitching, then i'd certainly love them.

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