(43032401-0) Empire Battle Tested Armored Operator THT Gloves

Empire Battle Tested Armored Operator THT Gloves

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SKU: 43032401-0
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These gloves from Empire BT are feature rich and super comfortable. Kevlar reinforced knuckles mean no more bruises from knuckle shots or bloody knuckles from rubbing that bunker a little too much. These are not your standard armored gloves though... a soft padded area around the wrist means that you won't chafe no matter how goofy you hold your marker. Very durable rub areas on the palm give you confidence to slide into any bunker, grippy areas on each fingertip means you won't lose that pod or your trigger. They built these things smart: stretchy thinner material is used between the fingers so your fingers can move more freely and naturally. The velcro closure on the wrist wraps things up nicely. These are some of the best armored gloves to be brought out in a long time... possibly ever.

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