(16030503) Empire Battle Tested Rip Clip Hopper - Tippmann Model 98

Empire Battle Tested Rip Clip Hopper - Tippmann Model 98

Price: $72.50

SKU: 16030503

BT Paintball has created a loader that will optimize the performance of our awesome paintball markers.  The BT Rip Clip is designed using HALO™ technology for sound-activated force feed loading.  Utilizing a microphone for sound sensing, the loader only feeds when it detects the sound of the marker firing.  After ceasing to fire the marker, the lack of sound will direct the loader to stop feeding and enter a stand-by mode.  The large capacity shell holds over 200 paintballs, plenty to light up the enemy.  The Rip Clip will feed over 8000 shots before needing a battery replacement and is designed to fit Tippmann Model 98's. Rip Clips are standard equipment on the ERC and Delta Elite markers, and when mated to the Electronic Grip Frame allows uninterrupted full auto firing.  Can you afford not to use the HALO powered Rip Clip?  Play against someone else that is and your answer will be a definite No.

  • Easy Installation
  • Force feed, Sound-activated, with RIP Drive
  • Holds over 200 paintballs
  • Designed Exclusively for the Model 98 Markers
  • 8000-Shot Battery Life
  • Features Patented HALO Technology

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