(18030204) Empire Clamping Feed Neck - Mini/Axe - Black

Empire Clamping Feed Neck - Mini/Axe - Black

Price: $34.99

SKU: 18030204

The Empire Clamping Feedneck makes it easy to remove your paintball hopper. Flip it open, and the lever will remain in place so all you have to do is push it closed; no more fumbling around trying to get it lined up. Finger tighten by turning the adjustment knob, then flip the lever into place. It doesn't get easier or faster than that.

  • All aircraft quality, 6061 aluminum with a machined Delrin back stop, for the lever action cam lock.
  • Built strong, built to last, 100% made in America and guaranteed for life.
  • Ultra fast, ultra smooth, quick lever action.

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