(29031102) Empire E-Vent Thermal Goggle Lens - Clear

Empire E-Vent Thermal Goggle Lens - Clear

Price: $25.95

SKU: 29031102

E-Vent paintball lenses are available separately so that you can customize your E-Vent mask to meet your taste and needs. All paintball lenses in the Avatar, Cylus and Helix, E-Vent and now E-Flex can be swapped easily between models and paintball masks. Get the lens to suit every condition - from amber and clear lenses for low light conditions to mirror and ninja lenses for bright sun or under those bright stadium lights.


  • Dual Pane for ultimate anti-fog performance.
  • Innovative lens retaining system makes for easy cleaning in quick turnaround situations.
  • Fits all versions of Empire paintball masks including Vents, Avatars, E-Vent, Helix, Cylus and E-Flex.

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