(25430101-0) Exalt Paintball Sheepskin Battle Swab

Exalt Paintball Sheepskin Battle Swab

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SKU: 25430101-0
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The Exalt Sheepskin Battle Swab is an extremely absorbent battleswab that cleans out your barrel in no time flat, the swab is put together with an extremely strong and oil resistant glue making sure your swab won't unravel on you. The rubber connectors memory makes sure that when you pull the swab out of your pocket it snaps straight when you need it and you don't have to fiddle around with it.


  • Better Material - much more absorbent then the rest
  • Extremely Strong & Oil Resistant Glue - To keep your swab from unraveling
  • Real Rubber Connector to make sure your swab snaps straight when it's needed most

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