(17430208) Exalt Paintball Universal Feedgate V3 - Black/Silver

Exalt Paintball Universal Feedgate V3 - Black/Silver

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SKU: 17430208

The Exalt universal feedgate is one of the fastest feeding speedfeeds with an extremely strong clamp system making sure it doesn't fall off on you. It has a rear lip on it making loading with a pod that much more secure so you get every paintball from your pod in there. Just be sure not to over tighten the clamp screw, finger tight will provide will provide a great grip on the loader, any tighter can damage the loader.

Unlike other speed feed lids, these will not sag over time - they consistently hold their shape and elasticity!


  • New Generation is stronger than the previous model
  • Uses allen wrench bolt to tighten down - No more searching for a Phillips head screwdriver when you're on the field
  • Same, long-lasting feedgate fingers will never sag or lose elasticity!
  • Outperforms every single other feedgate, quick feed, speed feed or fast load lid on the market. Period.

Feedgate Fits:
  • Halo
  • Magna
  • Pinokio
  • Pulse
  • Fasta
  • Revy
  • A5 Loader

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from Exalt Paintball

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