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The Flasc Paintball Barrel kits are designed with MilSim players in mind, they offer extreme customization and offer high accuracy! The Flasc Paintball Double Threaded Barrel kits are also different than most kits currently on the market with a new approach to barrel kit design. The first thing people will notice is the length of the control bores. While most traditional barrel kits include control bores of only a few inches long to save on manufacture costs, you will notice that the Flasc Control Bore Barrel Kits include 9 inch control bores for optimal performance and accuracy! Flasc uses full 9 inch barrels for control bores, and they use double threaded extensions to change the length.

These barrels are designed to give the best possible performance, but they are also designed to give the most options possible for customization, there are literally hundreds of ways to setup these barrels, you can choose your bore sizes, your lengths, even the porting options on your barrel extensions! the extensions come in 2 lengths and each length is available in 3 different porting methods! Un-ported, standard ported, and double ported! this allows you to choose your volume levels, efficiency and consistency rather than with traditional barrel kits where you get often only 1 or two options and that's the end of it.

Since the barrel extensions, like the barrel, are double threaded (meaning there is Flasc style threading on the front of both the barrels and the tips) you can also use a barrel tip at the end of the barrel with or without an extension. Further customization of the look, volume and range of your barrels by screwing on either one of their popular MilSim barrel tips or a Fake Suppressor for looks. Each Flasc Paintball barrel kit also includes a high quality barrel case that is capable of holding five barrels, ten tips or extensions, an Apex tip, and a Fake Suppressor. So if you get a smaller kit you can easily upgrade it over time with additional tips, barrels, extensions and the option of using a BT Apex Tip. The Flasc Paintball Double threaded Barrel kit includes such customizable features and high performance we believe it will truly be the last barrel kit you will ever need!

Note: Standard Barrel Kits come with ported extension tips. If you would like to customize the porting of the extension tips in your order, please call 877.298.8188 to place your order!

  • .690 Bore size 6 Inch Unported barrel
  • .690 Bore size 9 Inch Unported barrel
  • .690 Bore size 12 Inch Unported barrel
  • BT Apex Tip
  • 3 Inch extension
  • 5 Inch extension
  • Flasc Paintball barrel case
5 Barrel Tips Including:

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