Flasc Paintball Double Threaded Bore Barrel - A5/X7/Phenom/BT-4/TPX

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The Flasc Double Threaded Paintball barrel is designed to be the ultimate barrel for complete customization! The main feature is the barrels double threading on both the front and the back of the barrel so that the barrel can accept multiple tips and extensions for near endless customization options.

If you want a particular length you can simply add on one of the extensions (which works much like a front in a traditional barrel kit) to get your desired length.

All extensions are double threaded as well which means you can still put a barrel tip on the front of an extension, or even more extensions! The Logo is added underneath the threading. We know how annoying it can be to have a beautifully set up tactical marker and have a nice big white mark on the barrel to hurt the look, so Flasc made it so that once the barrel is screwed into the marker the logo is not visible and protected! These Bore Sizing Barrels come in seven bore sizes: .678, .681, .684, .687, .690, .693, .693


  • Double threaded for endless customization of tips and extensions
  • Comes ported or with brand new Gen 2 Porting
  • Logo hidden when installed
Comes in Multiple Bore Sizes:
  • .678
  • .681
  • .684
  • .687
  • .690
  • .693
  • .696

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