Flasc Paintball Double Threaded Breaker Barrel - 20 inch - 2nd Gen Porting - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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This item is out of stock and will never be back in stock. If you purchase this item we will remove it from your order and refund you the purchase price. The page is here for reference only.

The Flasc Paintball "breaker" barrel was designed for not only sound reduction but also efficiency, breaking the myth that all long barrels are inefficient this, 20 inch barrel boasts fantastic efficiency compared to the most popular barrel lengths available today. The Breaker barrel uses a modified Flasc Paintball Gen 2 Porting Style to give excellent consistency, volume reduction and efficiency. The Breaker barrel is also double threaded like all Flasc barrels so all of Flasc's barrel tips and accessories will work perfectly, even Flasc's barrel extensions... if you want a 10 foot barrel.

  • 20 inch barrel with good efficiency and consistency
  • Double threaded like all FLASC barrels
  • Flasc Gen 2 ported design

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