(25150901) Flasc Paintball Fake Suppressor - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE


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SKU: 25150901
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This item is out of stock and will never be back in stock. If you purchase this item we will remove it from your order and refund you the purchase price. The page is here for reference only.

The Flasc Paintball Fake Suppressor as with most of Flasc's high quality products is designed for complete customization. The fake suppressor features several unique features including an optional shroud and two methods of attachment. It is also designed with the potential for future upgrades or custom modding for the modification addicts out there! The suppressor is 6 inches long and is a four piece design to allow for complete rebuilding, easy cleaning, customization and modding.

Included is the body, the front cap which is threaded to accept Flasc Paintball Double Threaded barrels and is attached via recessed screws that use hex keys for removal. The rear cap threads on the suppressor body for easy removal and is designed to hold a insert in place for additional mounting methods. Last but not least is Flasc's shroud, which is held in place with recessed set screws that set inside the hole of the screws holding the front cap on. The set screws do NOT set into the body of the suppressor so you can never scratch the body no matter how hard you try. Short of breaking the screw in half.. of course.

The Flasc Paintball fake suppressor can be used with or without the included shroud, without the shroud it will look like a smooth style suppressor. With the shroud on it will feature a more rugged ported look. The can be left on or removed based on your preference. The suppressor screws onto the front of a Flasc Paintball Double threaded barrel. It can be attached in 2 ways to fit any preference or play style.

By default, the barrel will insert inside the suppressor and screw into the threading at the very front. This effectively allows you to use the suppressor without extending the length of your barrel. The other option will be to use Flasc's 5 inch extension as an insert. The suppressor is designed to allow you to remove the back cap, screw the 5 inch extension into the threading on the front of the suppressor, replace the rear cap that holds the 5 inch extension secure inside the Fake Suppressor. Then your barrel can thread in just inside the rear of the suppressor extending the length of your barrel by 5 inches. Flasc's 5 inch extension has a stepped bore like seen in 2 piece barrels so there will be no seam for your paintball and is designed with the quality bore of Flasc's paintball barrels for performance.

  • Includes Optional Shroud
  • 6 inch 4 Piece Design
  • Two Ways of Installation
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