(24151201-0) Flasc Paintball Micro Barrel Bore Sizer - A5/X7/Phenom/BT-4/TPX

Flasc Paintball Micro Barrel Bore Sizer - A5/X7/Phenom/BT-4/TPX

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SKU: 24151201-0
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The new Micro Barrel Bore Sizer system from Flasc Paintball is the next step towards complete customization in a barrel system. The Micro barrel control bore is 2.5 Inch long and comes in 5 different bore sizes. The Micro Barrel Bore is also fully compatible with all Flasc Paintball barrel extensions tips and accessories which allow the possibility of hundreds upon hundreds of options such as length, porting, range, volume, and efficiency. Nearly every aspect of the Micro barrel system can be completely customized to suit your specific barrel needs. Bore sizes include: .678, .681, .684, .687, .687, .690


  • 2.5 Inch Control Bore
  • Flasc Threading for Extensions and Tips
  • Comes in Multiple Bore Sizes
    • .678
    • .681
    • .684
    • .687
    • .690

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