(17150103) Flasc Paintball Rip Clip Adapter - Tippmann A5 - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Flasc Paintball Rip Clip Adapter - Tippmann A5 - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Finally an alternative feeding system for the Tippmann A5! Now with this Aluminum Adapter by Flasc Paintball you can mount a BT Rip Clip on your Tippmann A5 and have all the advantages of this Halo Powered loader! No upgrades required for maximum performance are ever required as the Rip Clip performs right out of the box at 20+ BPS, The Rip Clip also works great in all weather both cold and hot and your markers operating pressure will not have any negative effect on your feed system. Not to mention you will not be using air to feed your paintballs so you will find a small efficiency boost due to saved air, and if you run a Response Trigger on your A5 it will no longer have to share air with the cyclone feed system so you can also expect its performance to increase in some cases also!, the Rip Clip also has a spring tension feature as well as a rip drive to pre load your next few shots as well as to give you a feature to manually load several shots at a time if you run out of batteries!

The Rip Clip allows use of all the same loaders as the stock Cyclone feeder so you don't even have to change out your hopper! This is a great option for an extremely reliable alternative feeding system for the Tippmann A5!

  • Durable Aluminum Rip-Clip Adapter for the A5
  • Increases Efficiency
  • Requires NO Upgrades for higher rates of fire
Note: The Flasc Paintball Rip Clip adapter requires removal of the hook from the side of the body to function - BT Rip Clip sold separately

BT makes 3 versions of the Rip Clip - The BT-4, Tippmann 98 and TM series, both the BT-4 or TM series will fit and work.

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    • 2012-04-03
    Installing a rip clip is the best thing you can do for your A5 It provides a superior alternative to the cyclone feed, the rip clip is easier on paint, more reliable, makes your marker slightly more efficient, and its cheaper in the long run, to get a cyclone on the same level you have to spend around 110 on upgrades and even then its still hard on paint, the only downside of this adapter is that you must break of the finger on the right reciever, and my flatline no longer stays in tight, due to the large bolt that screws the cyclone in place doesnt tighten down, a minor setback as the flatline is inaccurate any way. Anyway, i can get more shots off than my other a5 using friends due to increased efficiency and my loader isnt moody when playing in the cold, pair this with an egrip and ur marker can shoot ropes

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