(24343801-0) GOG Paintball Freak Junior Barrel Kit

GOG Paintball Freak Junior Barrel Kit

Price: $99.95

SKU: 24343801-0
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Here it is! The Same old Freak Jr. Kit you knew and loved by Smart Parts is available from GOG! With a barrel back (threads) of your choice - Autococker, Spyder, A5, ION, and 98 this is one of the paintball boring kits that is still around for a reason, it has truly proven itself. With three sizers ranging from 0.689 to 0.693 you will be able to bore every single paintball out there without issue. (except of course for those pesky small caliber .50/.43 rounds). It even comes with a fantastic hard case! This case fits your barrel and all sizers is one convenient carrying place. So go ahead, pick your options and freakin' buy the freak kit!


  • GOG Freak Jr. Barrel, Case, and 3 inserts:
    • 0.689
    • 0.691
    • 0.693

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