(27250105) Gen X Global 140 Round Pod - Clear

Gen X Global 140 Round Pod - Clear

List Price: $7.99 Price: $2.99

SKU: 27250105

You may think that paintball pods are cheap anyway, so who cares if they're any good, right? Wrong. Hustle Paintball knows that after numerous weekends of replacing broken pods, it's not just an inconvenience, but it starts to get expensive!

Gen X Global has a tough solution for your irritation (and no, it won't help your armpit rash, so don't ask). The pods hold 140 paintballs and will hold together through your graceful little slides and your awkward tumbles. You won't look pretty, but your paintball pods will. Cheap (and strong) enough for you and your whole paintball team. Buy just a few and save! Or, buy in bulk and save even more.

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