(27250202) GXG Paintball Ball Hauler - Blue - (1000 Round Pod Loader)

GXG Paintball Ball Hauler - Blue - (1000 Round Pod Loader)

Price: $16.95

SKU: 27250202

This is a great way to store your paintballs and easily feed your hopper or pods. You'll quickly pay for your investment, just by NOT wasting any more paintballs when you fill you pods. Think how many balls you've lost when dumping directly from the bag into your hopper or pod, and think how fast you'd be able to pay this off! It's not a gimmick - it works, and it's a product that ALL of our staff use.


  • Holds up to 1000 paintballs
  • Large fill spout
  • Smaller pour spout that is perfectly sized for pods and hoppers
  • Heavy duty grip handle
  • Durable GXG Build
  • Tough lids resist opening, even if you shake it upside down!

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