(23250130) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - ACU Digital Camouflage

Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - ACU Digital Camouflage

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This design features an interchangeable component system. Customize your tactical paintball vest and rig it up for your individual style of play and to best accommodate your setup.


  • Removable contour foam can be removed for warm weather play and replaced back when needed. The foam absorbs the shock from a solid hit, taking some of the bite out of a paintball hit.
  • Flip Down ID & Card Holder - The chest pocket now has an extra panel which flips down to easily display ID and view maps & tactical information.
  • 10-round tube holding strips are added on both the left and right sides of the vest, increasing your paintball capacity. These are especially useful for pump paintball gun games or paintball pistol games.
  • Larger than most paintball tank holder pouch and attachment strips - Tank holder is engineered to fit large and small tank setups, stubby style tanks and tanks with neoprene covers.
  • Extended attachment area – A larger surface area for paintball pod and tank setups allows for easy assembly of your paintball tank and tubes as either a horizontal or vertical setup or a combination of both. You can also add or take away the tank holder attachment if you want to run a remote setup.
  • Two hydration bladder compartments – A hydration bladder component is built into the upper back area and also into the front center area of this tactical paintball vest. (Bladders are not included.)
  • Original design made specifically for paintball and not modified from some other application. The contouring design wraps around your body for a snug fit which promotes increased mobility, distributes the weight and helps keep a low profile.
  • Modular design lets you configure your tactical paintball setup how you want. Whether you want to wear the packs horizontal or vertical, it's very easy to switch the setup. You can also add or take away the tank holder attachment if you want to run a remote tank setup.
  • This vest features a new camouflage pattern that does not "block-out" or "black-out" as quickly as other camouflage patterns and conceals the wearer at a greater range of distance than other camouflage patterns.
Additional Features:
  • Interchangeable and rearrangeable tube holders
  • Removable paintball tank holder for remote line setup
  • Clip to carry your mask when you're not playing
  • Side zipper on chest pouch for radio headset wires
  • Pockets and pouches for: Keys, tools, money, etc.
  • Padded design helps eliminate the sting of getting hit
  • (2) Tube holder attachments w/ ripcords which can each hold three pods, each pod holding 140 paintballs (One tube fits in the flip out elastic sleeve.)
  • Total pod capacity is 6 pods (not included)
  • Tank holder pouch to run a remote setup.
  • Movable Radio Pouch

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    • 2013-01-30
    This vest is awesome. It provides great coverage and protection and holds everything you really need for paintballing rounds. The fit is great for a 6'1" guy and holds my pods in securely when running around. Also getting the pods out is easy with the pull straps. I recommend it to my friends to.

    • 2013-01-05
    Excellent vest. I use the back for 4 pods and a 62cc tank. I keep two rags in the top front pocket, a water bottle and lens cleaner in two of the lower three front pockets. I'm a 36" waist and this will fit someone much larger.

    • 2012-06-02
    just recently got back into paintball and decided to get a vest saw this one back in april thought it looked like its what i would need... Exceded my expectations by far Only issues I have is if it was just a little longer so i can use the belt loops to help keep it from riding up. (But if you have it tight enuogh it wont ride up anyway) and second is I wish the back velcro went a little higher so i could have a little more customization, I mean I use a remote line but cant move anything 100% where i want it. And watch your pods in the flipout elastic slots, they hold the pods in well but point them up accidently put my two top down and spilled a whole bag worth of paint..... Again other than those little things, by far one of the best paintball investments since i started playing again

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