(23250101) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black (23250101) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black (23250101) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black (23250101) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black
(23250101) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black
(23250101) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black
(23250101) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black
(23250101) Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black

Gen X Global Tactical Vest with 4+2+1 pack - Black

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GXG Tactical Paintball Vest (4+2+1 Vests)
The Lazy Susan for Paintball Players

There is nothing worse than getting out onto the field and realizing you forgot something. This is just one of many reasons you need to buy the GXG Tactical paintball vest (4+2+1 Vests). There are all sorts of paintball gear on the market designed to make your life easier but this vest delivers all of the goods.

The GXG Tactical Paintball Vest (4+2+1 Vests) is designed to allow you to customize it so that all of your paintball gear can go with you onto the field without being bulky and hard to access. This vest comes in a variety of colors to match the terrain you play in. The vest can hold up to 6 pods or as few as three if you don't need that much ammo on the field. There is room to hold and protect your ID, credit cards and pictures of your kids or girlfriends. Pockets on the front and back can hold your paintball gear like allen wrenches, batteries and even your keys. If you need a vest that will hold everything you need for a long day or just a few things for a short day than this vest is for you.

    GXG tactical Paintball vest (4+2+1 Vests) Features:
  • Removable contour foam can be removed for warm weather play and replaced back when needed. The foam absorbs the shock from a solid hit, taking some of the bite out of a paintball hit.
  • Flip Down ID & Card Holder
  • 10-round tube holding strips are added on both the left and right sides of the vest, increasing your paintball capacity. These are especially useful for pump paintball gun games or paintball pistol games.
  • Tank holder is engineered to fit large and small tank setups, stubby style tanks and tanks with neoprene covers.
  • Extended attachment area – A larger surface area for paintball pod and tank setups allows for easy assembly of your paintball tank and tubes as either a horizontal or vertical setup or a combination of both.
  • Two hydration bladder compartments (Bladders are not included.)
  • Interchangeable and rearrangeable tube holders
  • Removable paintball tank holder for remote line setup
  • Clip to carry your mask when you're not playing
  • Side zipper on chest pouch for radio headset wires
  • Tank holder pouch to run a remote setup.
  • Movable Radio Pouch

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    • 2012-09-17
    Love this vest. way more pockets than i expected, but that's okay though. always more room for more stuff.

    • 2012-08-08
    This is a great vest I highly recommend this. The only flaw is that when fully loaded it began to hurt my shoulders after extended play.

    • 2012-06-28
    Does it come in any other colors than the three in the video? Possibly better camo patterns?

    • 2012-05-20
    does this bring pods with the vest

    • 2012-04-29
    amazing vest. like other reviewers the only knock i have on it is the bladder pouch on the back is tiny. not sure what kind of hydration pouch you could get in there. a capri sun, maybe?

    • 2012-04-23
    It's very good for it's price, and definately lives up to what's promised. My main issue here is, the two "hydration" pockets are way too small to put a bladder in, at least any bladder of appreciable size. Other than this, it's comfortable, easy to customize, and being able to remove the padding is a definate plus. It's solid construction, and so far hasn't sprung a seam. I can't think of a comparable vest at this price. I give 4 out of five, as the aforementioned hydration problem is a pretty good sized issue with me.

    • 2011-10-06
    All around great vest. If your not quite sure about the sizing, ill just say i have a 40" waist and a big chest, i had no problem.

    • 2011-09-17
    I have one of these and it is great. I love the customization you can do with the tank and the pods. That's the first thing I did to it when I got it. Plus the velcro on the back is tough as heck. Plus I found there is a little zipper on the right side of the vest but the top big pouch that is awesome for hold the tip of a camel back hose. It holds like 6 inches of the hose so it protects the tip from being hit by a paintball and making it so you don't want to drink out of it.

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