(35250901) Gen X Global Deluxe Padded Marker Bag

Gen X Global Deluxe Padded Marker Bag

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Gen X Global Deluxe Padded Marker Bag

Do you want something to keep your marker, tank, hopper and pods safe and snug? This marker bag was designed with the player in mind. The main pouch will fit most markers and pad them from any outside traumas. It even comes with padded dividers that you can attach to the inside with Velcro, so you can carry up to THREE markers without scratching them up. The top flap has three pouches that are perfect for your spare barrels, and there are elastic straps inside to hold your tank, no matter how gargantuan it is. On the outside, there are two more Velcro pouches for tools, rags, or anything else you want to take to the field! The whole bag has carry handles to lug it around with, or a shoulder strap for extra heavy loads. It's made out of heavy duty canvas and padded to survive the extremes. This bag will hold up to just about anything!


  • 2 padded dividers can hold 2, possibly even 3 markers safely
  • 3 pouches for pods
  • Elastic bands to hold tank
  • 2 pouches on the outside for anything else!
  • Made from heavy canvas and padded like mad
  • Comes with shoulder strap

Dimensions - 20" x 12"

Hustle Note: This is an incredibly underrated bag. For the price, it is one of the best marker bags you could buy.

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    Number of Reviews: 1

    • 2013-05-09
    Hustle PB is right on with there note. This bag is definitely underrated At $20 you just cant beat it. Why take your $100 gearbag with hundreds of dollars worth of spares and parts onto the field and leave it unattended for someone to swipe?? Leave your main gearbag in your car and use this bag to carry the bare essentials into the pits with you Space for 2 markers, tank, hopper, cleats, tools, spare barrels, and still plenty more left in there This bag is solid. Only reason i gave it 4/5 is because i think they should have added pouches on the long face of the bag, a lot of unused space there Note - Description says "3 pouched for pods" - What they mean is 3 pouches for barrels on the top flap. Very nice feature I can fit a luxe w/ 13" barrel into the bag which is great because i can setup the marker with the gopro the night before and have it all ready to go the next morning without having to "Prep" for 25 minutes Point of the story.. There isn't a reason not to get one

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