(23250301) Gen X Global Pack - 4+1 - Black

Gen X Global Pack - 4+1 - Black

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The price might be low but the pack is built to last. The 4+1 gets the job done right. Capable of carrying up to a 68ci compressed air tank or 20oz CO2 tank and (4) 140 round tubes. Your opponents will be leaving the field long before you.


  • Comfortable adjustable belt
  • Capable of carrying 4 pods total
  • Capable of carrying 140 round or 100 round tubes
  • Tank pouch has capacity for either 68ci compressed air tank or 20oz CO2 tank
Hustle Paintball Note - Pods, CO2 tank, and remote coil are not included - they are pictured for illustration purposes only.

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    • 2013-10-24
    I found this pod pack fit well and held everything in place securely. After reading Tyler's review I'm going to pay a lot of attention to the stitching and durability of it. What I don't like about it is the horizontal pod holders. For example, they stick out quite a bit and I found that I was getting picked off by other players while taking cover from behind a tree. They also had a tendency to get caught on branches every now and then.

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