(35250401) Gen X Global Tactical Backpack - Black

Gen X Global Tactical Backpack - Black

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SKU: 35250401

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This new backpack from Gen X Global will allow you to take all of your gear with you anywhere you need to go. This rugged design will keep your gear safe and portable.


  • Tough, durable design
  • Pouch holds up to 88ci tank
  • Places for (3) 140 round pods
  • Holds up to 37"marker

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    Number of Reviews: 1

    • 2013-05-23
    I like the layout on the bag, With the Nice side Pockets that easily fits even the larger tanks.. The top compartment fits a Dye Rotor.. And the gun compartment will fit even the largest markers.. BUT.. There are some major drawbacks.. First of all: The main compartment is too small.. It will not fit a full sized vest.. With a main compartment this small, the bag is kind of a waste.. I would need a second bag for player gear anyway.. AND.. THe quality of the plastic bucles are of poor quality.. Breaking after 5 minutes of use.. I know it's a cheap bag, but still..

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