(30531204) Guerrilla Air 100 cu 4500 psi Carbon Fiber HPA Tank with G3 Regulator - Black

Guerrilla Air 100 cu 4500 psi Carbon Fiber HPA Tank with G3 Regulator - Black

Price: $194.95

SKU: 30531204

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Guerrilla Air is known for the lightest tanks and the smallest regulators available. With the newly re-designed Myth reg the entire Guerrilla lineup is now that much better. The new Guerrilla Air G3 adjustable position regulator is the lowest profile paintball regulator on the market. This tiny regulator measures in at just .75 inch from the tank to ASA. The G3 includes the PRO low profile burst disks, the hardened PRO fill nipple with conical strut, rotating brass threads and replaceable brass top flange. The regulator is 100% user serviceable using only two allen keys to remove any part on the regulator. The G3 comes preset with a standard output of 800 psi with the ability to increase the pressure to 920 psi through the use of shims packaged with the regulator with other mid and low pressure spring kits available. With every size you can ever want there is no reason to carry any extra weight.


  • Updated Myth regulator
  • 800-850psi output pressure
  • Super low profile regulator body
  • Low profile Pro burst disks
  • Durable brass top flange

  • 48 cu - 1.9 lbs
  • 68 cu - 2.4 lbs
  • 70 cu - 2.5 lbs
  • 88 cu - 3.05 lbs
  • 100 cu - 3.6 lbs

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    Number of Reviews: 2

    • 2015-08-22
    garbage. first it took 90 days to be delivered( hustle was great about keeping up with me about how the shipment from guerilla was not showing up at their wear house and contacting them multiple times. finally guerrilla sent it direct to me) then I get it to this years ion event (invasion of Normandy game only 4000 players) I fill the tank and the regulator blows out as I walk away from the air station. the tank had never been filled before, I took it out of the box that day. spend the extra money and get a ninja 90 it might be a little more money and a little less air but also a lot less of a headache.

    • 2014-02-08
    this Guerrilla Air 100 cu 4500 psi Carbon Fiber HPA Tank with G3this tank is great it does feel heavy, it was pertty lights I carry all day on my back and did not have to refill a whole game scenario. I totally recommend it..

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