(33530101) Guerrilla Air Compressed Air Tank Cover - 48 cu

Guerrilla Air Compressed Air Tank Cover - 48 cu

Price: $9.99

SKU: 33530101
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So you just bought the nicest tank on the market, one of Guerrilla Air's carbon fiber systems, and you're to scared to take it out of it's security protected glass case in your vault because damaging such a perfect thing is unthinkable. Well now you can use your tank to the fullest and not have to worry if you pick up the new Guerrilla fitted neoprene tank cover. Made specifically for the one-of-a-kind tanks from Guerrilla Air.


  • Guerrilla Tank Covers help prevent scapes and scuffs that could end up terminating the life of your perfect high pressure air system.
  • The wrap around base grip will ensure a snug and secure fit into your shoulder.
  • The bottom of your tank usually takes the most abuse, Guerrilla Air included high density nylon coated padding with rubber abrasion to help soften the blows.
  • Lightweight neoprene material make sure that you keep your Guerrilla system virtually weightless.

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