(31530101) Guerrilla Air Machete Dovetail ASA

Guerrilla Air Machete Dovetail ASA

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The newest release from Guerrilla Air - the Machete. This ASA features built in dovetail rail milling and a large open channel for screws to fit almost all applications. So no matter what marker you may be running, guerrilla has you covered. No reason you should settle for an inferior tank because your marker doesn't accommodate the best tank on the market. The bottom air outlet makes this ASA completely ambidextrous and does not interfere with your wrist when switching hands. Comfortably go south paw and switch up your game! The best part of the Machete is the design itself. The slight angle of the ASA provides more room to comfortably place your elbow while shouldering your tank. So no more awkward positions, no more hanging outside of the bunker, no more of those nasty elbow shots! Guerrilla brings you comfort, style, power and performance to the world of paintball tanks.


  • Dovetail Rail Milling
  • Open Screw Channel
  • Bottom Air Outlet
  • Slight Angled ASA Design

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