(24280404) J&J Precision Edge Elite 8-Piece Barrel Kit - 98/US Army

J&J Precision Edge Elite 8-Piece Barrel Kit - 98/US Army

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The J&J Edge Elite paintball barrel kit is unquestionably the most technically advanced, precision machined paintball barrel system ever designed. Every barrel back in the set is measured three times for accuracy and engineered to greatly increase the performance of your paintball marker and your game. This powerful combination, combined with our exclusive ceramic coating, reduces friction and increases the accuracy level of your paintball gun tremendously.

The top-of-the-line Edge System to make you the Elite paintball player. With 5 control bores (0.676, 0.679, 0.682, 0.685, & 0.688), you'll be able to any kind of paintball on the market with complete accuracy. The tips provided will produce a 10, 12 and 14 inch paintball barrel when fully assembled. The complete package comes in a padded carrying case, to survive your trips to the paintball field.

What can we say? When you have the J&J Precision paintball barrel system, "You will have the Edge."

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