(29300633) JT Spectra Thermal Lens - Yellow

JT Spectra Thermal Lens - Yellow

Price: $25.99

SKU: 29300633
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JT Paintball offers replacement dual-paned thermal (non-fog) lenses for all paintball masks that accept Spectra-style lenses. Examples include JT Spectra Proflex, JT Spectra Flex-7 and Flex-8.

Paintball is a tough sport, so be sure to replace your lens at least every year, if not more often. Replace your paintball lens immediately if shot directly from a distance of less than 10 feet.

If you'd like a different tint or hue for a variety of light conditions, view Hustle Paintball's wide selection of lenses. Remember, yellow is for low-light situations, such as forest paintball, clear is general use, and smoke or mirror is for bright conditions only, such as daylight tournament paintball.

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