(33470203) Kalibur Dura-Sleeve Capless Tank Cover - 68 cu - Red

Kalibur Dura-Sleeve Capless Tank Cover - 68 cu - Red

List Price: $22.99 Price: $7.99

SKU: 33470203

Tired of expensive flashy tank covers? You know, the ones that cover the tank but don't protect it. Well pick up an inexpensive, almost bulletproof Kalibur tank cover. The ballistic polymer shell makes this cover the most durable and protective cover to date. The translucent shell allows fill operators to view the hydro date as well as the tank itself. With its textured back plate, it won't slip and slide and it easily grips to your shoulder. The high impact polymer bottom protects your tank where it takes the most abuse.

All shells have been treated with a preservative oil to keep the tank covers loose and easy to install. May have oil residue on the shell. After applying to your tank, wipe your cover off, and throw it at a tree! It's fun!

Hustle Note: Tank covers are not "bulletproof" nor should you throw them at trees, though it is fun....don't do it.

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