(12820502) Killjoy Industries X7 Phenom Double Trigger

Killjoy Industries X7 Phenom Double Trigger

Price: $48.99

SKU: 12820502

Killjoy releases the first aftermarket double trigger for the X7 Phenom! Killjoy realeses the very finest products, not the least is these new triggers for the Phenom, made out of precision machined aluminum with a roller bearing for the smoothest possible trigger pull, this trigger will make the phenom just that much better than it already is.


  • Precision Machined Aluminum Trigger
  • Anodized Flat Black
  • Replaces Plastic Stock Trigger
  • Fits the X7 Phenom Only
  • Magnet included
  • Roller Bearing for Smooth Trigger Pull
  • Plastic Double Trigger Guard Included

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