(26310115) Kingman Training KT 11mm Premium Paintballs - 200 Round - Orange

Kingman Training KT 11mm Premium Paintballs - 200 Round - Orange

Price: $9.99

SKU: 26310115

The 2009 release of the Kingman Training KT Series has struck everyone by great suprise. Two paintball pistols that shoot an 11mm (.43 Calibur) premium paintball. These frangible shelled paintballs are made to burst into fragments upon impact to create a reliable easy break for every shot, and less pain and welts at the end of the day! Though they are made to break, the consistent round structure ensures not only an accurate shot, but a safe passage way through the marker. No breaking inside the mag, the chamber, or the barrel with these sleek paintballs! The bright shell and fill makes them easy to to see your flight path, and easy for the opposing team to see how bad they are loosing! A new world of paintball pistols has arisen, less pain, less paint, less price, more fun!


  • 11mm (.43 Cal.) Premium Paintball
  • Frangible Shell
  • Consistent Round Structure
  • Bright Paint Fill - Comes in Orange and Yellow
  • 200 and 500 Round Jars Available

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