(32780101) Klair Products KobraLine Remote Line with KobraKonnect Quick-Release Fitting

Klair Products KobraLine Remote Line with KobraKonnect Quick-Release Fitting

Price: $69.99

SKU: 32780101
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The Revolutionary Kobraline with Kobra Konnect, tired of snagged lines and having to purge your line every time you want to set your gun down? Well, the Kobraline is here to set a standard for remote coils!


  • One year warranty on hose from date of manufacture upon inspection
  • Field tested
  • KobraLine fully dressed with KobraKonnect, asa plug, asa bottle adapter weighs 1/2lb
  • Well exceeds (Double) the working pressure of any regular remote hose sold today
  • It holds only 1 and 1/2 shot of air
  • Near 0 recoil.
  • Doesn't sag like the others
  • Doesn't Snag up like others
  • Bend restrictors at each hose fitting ends
  • Pump 35BPS no problem
  • Doesn't kink ( even when we stress stretched it to 6ft )
  • Good with air and CO2
  • Field tested
  • Connects and disconnects under system pressure with ease
  • No NEED to purge or drain air from any source to connect and disconnect from marker
  • Very light weight
  • Long lasting playtime between servicings (low maintenance)
  • No more blown Orings when the timing is crucial
  • Easily field repaired (even when in battle)
  • No need to change orings like today's slide check
  • Feed the KobraKonnect a simple drop of oil every now and then
  • Regular run of the mill orings
  • 2 spare orings comes with every KobraKonnect for first time repair
  • Pump 35BPS no problem
  • A small screw driver is all that's needed to repair
  • Flat Black anodized colour
  • Military style aggressive knurl grip
  • Good with air and CO2
  • Hand made

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