(25270901) Lapco Dishka Thunder Tip - BigShot Assault/STR8Shot Barrels

Lapco Dishka Thunder Tip - BigShot Assault/STR8Shot Barrels

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The Lapco Dishkaástyle tip that fits LAPCO assault barrels as well as Tiberius STR8 Shot. Will also fit most barrels with 7/8-20 threads on the Nose like Tiberius barrels.


  • Dishka Style Tip
  • Fits Lapco Assault and Tiberius STR8 Shot
  • Also Fits most 7/8-20 Threads

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    • 2012-04-06
    The whole point of the Dishka Thunder Tip is to funnel make a really loud noise. This it does, and funnels it very effectively in the direction you're shooting too, saving your ears. (Though not those of the team-mate whose shoulder you're shooting over.) For maximum effect, I screwed this onto a Hammerhead GoldMember which also has 7/8-20 on the muzzle and is already a loud barrel because of the short length and brass material. I can honestly say that in a fray with over 300 other players at the climax to the Tippmann Challenge UK 2011, with this config on my Tippmann X7 Phenom, I was by far the loudest shooter. So loud, my team-mates he no problems finding me after respawn. Just follow the noise. At close range, the Dishka Thunder Tip can scare the living daylights out of the opposition, and combined with turbo/ramping modes, can single-handedly turn an attack by a greater number of players. Unless you're familiar with the Dishka Thunder Tip, it can be very unnerving getting shot at by it. Faint-hearted players may be rattled and simply back out or put their hands up and leave, rather than face it. So the Dishka Thunder Tip does everything you expect it to. Just be aware that you will be drawing all sorts of attention to yourself. You may get complaints, even from your own team-mates, you may be pulled aside by marshals for velocity checks more often. Just be sporting and have an alternative tip in your pocket, if need be. I always carried a Hammerhead M-50 tip as well.

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