(10050155) MacDev Drone DX - Grey

MacDev Drone DX - Grey

Price: $429.00

SKU: 10050155

The MacDev Drone DX is a high quality, light weight gun that offers premium features for a fraction of the price. Buy the MacDev Drone DX and upgrade your game.


  • Fast 30bps fire rate
  • Solid Aluminium frame and body
  • Filtered inline regulator (VX)
  • Aluminium clamping tool-less feed tube (VX)
  • Venting ASA system
  • Full function LED board
  • 14" Matchstick 2 piece barrel
  • High quality carry case and accessories included
Physical Specs:
  • Length: 208.5mm (532mm with barrel)
  • Width: 37mm
  • Height: 205mm
  • Weight: 978g with barrel and battery
  • Barrel threads: Autococker
Performance Specs:
  • Operating pressure: 100psi
  • Rate of Fire: 30 BPS
  • Air efficiency: 1400 shots per 68/4500psi (Air efficiency is dependant on velocity, paint size, temperature and seal integrity. The value given is typical at 290fps with standard size paint and barrel, factory test.)
Electronics Specs:
  • Software: Militia Soft LED Version 6.0
  • Hardware: Militia LED Version 1.0 (Lead Free)
  • Display: Tri colour LED high visibility
  • Power: 9V standard battery
  • Fire modes: Semi, burst, full auto, PSP, Millenium (where available)
  • Solenoid: 5V 1W, 2 port

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