(26600102) Major Paintball G4 Paint Grenade - Large - Green

Major Paintball G4 Paint Grenade - Large - Green

Price: $3.99

SKU: 26600102

The Major Paintball Large Paintball Grenade in Green. The new G-4 has the latest in paint grenade technology. They incorporate a patent pending design called SPSA (Self Propelled Spinning Action). When the G-4 impacts the ground after being thrown, the force of the expelling paint combined with the G-4's curved shape produces a violent spinning action, slinging the paint in a circular motion from the center area of impact. This spinning motion keeps the grenade airborne and located in the same area of impact during its discharge, producing a very concentrated, uniform coverage. You won't just get lucky and hit your target with a couple of drops of paint, you'll drench them. The G-4 will spin and spray your adversary with each rotation. Additionally, the G-4 fill has a new high-intensity marking additive for maximum visibility and a fruity scent to make your opponent smell nice! The new G-4 paint fill is non-toxic, biodegradable, and easily washable. Other changes include a larger black reservoir, double reinforced end seal, a new compression retainer ring for easier operation and a specialized, high-tolerance neck plug to eliminate any time-release effect and improve reliability in rough conditions. Has a 30 foot marking zone!

You won't get a better paint grenade at any price, so save your money, and go with the best. Maximize your paintball experience with the new Wet Willie G-4's from Major Paintball.

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