(20090901) Metadyne Industries Folding Skeleton Stock - Tippmann A5

Metadyne Industries Folding Skeleton Stock - Tippmann A5

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SKU: 20090901
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Metadyne Industries A5 Folding Skeleton Stock

The Metadyne folding stock is based on the very popular skeleton stock. While originally used with the AK family, this stock is beginning to be seen on American manufactured assault rifles, such as the M4. This stock is constructed of durable and lightweight aircraft aluminum (including the end cap).

The folding mechanism uses a button/latch system that secures the stock into place and allows for one handed operation. The stock folds 180 degrees to sit flat against the side of the gun. And as always from Metadyne, it's 100% aluminum. Flanges built into the end cap prevent the stock from rotating on the marker, and ensure maximum stability.


  • Made from Aircraft Aluminum (even the end cap)
  • One-handed operation allows the user to fold the stock 180 degrees, against the side of the gun
  • Military Grade
  • Same stock used on real M4s and AK-style weapons
  • Flanges to stop rotating on the marker, ensuring maximum stability
  • Length: 10 3/4 inches
  • Made in USA

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