(20091901) Metadyne Industries Havoc Launcher Breech Upgrade Kit

Metadyne Industries Havoc Launcher Breech Upgrade Kit

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Metadyne Industries Havoc Launcher Breech Upgrade Kit

This kit will allow you to change your Metadyne Havoc Launcher into a rear-loading launcher. Currently, you have to stuff your ordnance down the front of your barrel, but with this upgrade kit, you can pop open your breech, insert your ordnance from the back, snap the barrel shut and go to town! The Havoc breech upgrade allows the user to break open the barrel and insert the projectile from the back of the barrel instead of muzzle loading. The breech system may be cocked so the barrel can be opened in any direction. This upgrade can be installed in minutes with no modifications to the original Havoc.

Kit includes:

  • New breech insert
  • Easily installs in minutes with no modification required
  • 100% durable construction
  • Allows use of multiple different tactical configurations, based on your Op.
  • Military Grade
  • Made in USA

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