(20091401) Metadyne Industries M4 Gas Thru Magazine - A5

Metadyne Industries M4 Gas Thru Magazine - A5

Price: $69.99

SKU: 20091401
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Metadyne Industries A5 Gas Thru M4 Magazine

Metadyne has created the Gas-Through Magazine series with hope of bringing realism to your Tippmann marker. Everyone knows that the magazine should be in its proper location, next to the trigger guard. Now that our magazine is in the right spot, we added a magazine well to hide the tombstone, and a hidden compartment to store tools and reduce weight.

Based off the extremely popular, American-made M-4 assault rifle. Bring the fearsome look to your own paintball gun!


  • Gas-Through Operation
  • Military Grade
  • 100% Aluminum
  • Made in USA

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