(20263011) Milsig Ergo RIS Vertical ''Gangster'' Foregrip - Desert Tan

Milsig Ergo RIS Vertical ''Gangster'' Foregrip - Desert Tan

Price: $25.00

SKU: 20263011

This is the grip that comes with the K-Series MK II Elite Pro. The grip is contoured to your fingers for maximum comfort. The grip will fit on any Picatinny or Weaver rail. Optimal placement is right in front of your magazine well, but truthfully, you can put it wherever you'd like!


  • Fits Weaver/Picatinny Rails
  • Maximum comfort and marker control
  • Removable side panels for flashlight or laser pressure pads
  • Durable and lightweight - you couldn't break it if you tried!
  • Uses 3mm Allen wrench

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