(19870101) Milsig FXR Basic Kit - T8.1/9.1

Milsig FXR Basic Kit - T8.1/9.1

Price: $199.95

SKU: 19870101

The FXR is a purpose built pistol to carbine kit designed to work with both the Tiberius T8.1/9.1 as well as the Tippmann TiPX. This platform allows you to gain a stable rifle platform from your existing pistol. The FXR has undergone several changes since its initial announcement such as a stabilized set screw free mounting system and an extended ASA option for the TiPX. The FXR offers unparalelled stability and rigidity along with a full compliment of modular rails to add whatever accessories you see fit. Top this off with an offset stock rail for clearer sight picture and you have a Marksman platform unlike any other. Precision machined from 6061T6 aluminum. Secures the marker tightly without leaving any marks. Only available in Black.


  • FXR main body
  • Collapsible stock and stock bar (Compatible with Tippmann 98)
  • Marker specific mounting blocks

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