(10261604) Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro HPA Paintball Marker (includes MATS) - Desert Tan - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Milsig K-Series MK3 CQB Pro HPA Paintball Marker (includes MATS) - Desert Tan - THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Price: $359.95

SKU: 10261604

This marker has been replaced by the new and improved Milsig M17! It features First Strike Round compatibility as well as mechanical full auto! Check it out!!!

The 2013 K-Series MK3 CQB PRO is the HEAT CORE upgraded version of our bread and butter K-Series CQB PRO model. As debuted in our flagship model the Paradigm Pro, the HEAT CORE system makes the marker easier to service, more durable, and more efficient.

Easy Service and Quick Take Down

The inline blowback system has been replaced with the HEAT CORE blow forward system, which is substantially lighter, quieter, more efficient, and easier to service. The entire HEAT CORE assembly can be taken out of the marker via 2 quick detach pins with no tools required.

Upgraded Magazine Release Tab & New AR style Sights

We added more material to the magazine release tab, making it less prone to breakage. The new AR style sights replace the more simple sights used on the MK2 model.

Front Metal Brackets

Our famous steel reinforcement brackets are factory installed, making the marker extremely rigid.

New Durable External Finish

Utilizing our new Dura-Plating™ surface finish, all the metal parts are protected with a matte black finish that is not only great looking but highly scratch resistant. This finish is 20% more durable than traditional powder-coating or anodized finishes and will protect your marker for years to come. For the 2013 model year, we also added a Desert model.

Value Added

Not only did we make the new model better in every way, we also made it more affordable.


  • 0.68 Cal. Semi-Automatic Magazine Fed Paintball Marker
  • New HEAT Core Blow-Forward Spool Valve Internal System
  • Aluminum Alloy Reciever w/ Matte Black or Desert Dura-Plating Finish
  • Steel Reinforced Brackets
  • Convertible Magazine-Fed and Hopper-Fed loading systems
  • New Power Nozzle w/ Side Adjustable Velocity Ranging from 250-320fps
  • Powered by HPA
  • Weight: 1.7kg / 3.75lbs
  • Length: 70cm / 27.5"
  • Barrel Length: 20cm / 8"

  • 20 Round Magazine (Smoke)
  • CQB Rail Interface System
  • 8" Aluminum Barrel
  • Front and Rear Sights
  • Hopper Feed Kit
  • Barrel Cover/Barrel Plug
  • Toolkit
  • User Manual

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