(11260201) Milsig NODE 3000 psi Regulator with On/Off

Milsig NODE 3000 psi Regulator with On/Off

Price: $70.00

SKU: 11260201

The MILSIG NODE™ Air Regulator has features that make it the best functioning Air Regulator for your Magazine Fed paintball marker, these include: Pin-Valve-Less Design, Built in On/Off, and Adjustable Bonnet Positions.

Unlike conventional Air Regulators, the MILSIG NODE™ Air Regulator does not use a pin valve to shut off airflow. Instead, it uses a built-in air shut off that is controlled by a rotating On/Off ring. By eliminating the use of a pin-valve, maximum air flow is achieved. The On/Off also serves as a marker degasser. When the rotator ring is turned to the OFF postion, the entire marker is degassed. This allows the air tank to be removed with the marker and ASA in a pressureless state, which dramatically reduces wear and tear on the marker ASA and the regulator bonnet.

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