(32260301) Milsig Pro-Connect III Quick Disconnect Remote System - Complete

Milsig Pro-Connect III Quick Disconnect Remote System - Complete

Price: $59.99

SKU: 32260301

The Pro-Connect III Quick-Detach Remote System is the latest generation remote system on the market. It is designed to replace the older generation remote systems that require you to manually operate a slide check when connecting and disconnecting it from your marker. With the Pro-Connect III your remote line can remain pressurized constantly and you can quickly connect and release your remote line by the simple press of a button. The Pro-Connect III Remote System features a 3000 psi coiled hose with a black nickel finish on all hose connections. This finish is not only durable but also greatly enhances concealment compared to standard nickel plating while offering the same ultra-smooth surface for reliable operation and superior rust resistance. The UFA (universal fill adapter) features a large knob for easy operation and a safety lock to prevent you from losing it! Unlike other UFAs, Milsig's pin depressor is tapered so that gas flow is not reduced when the knob is screwed in too far. The best feature of the Pro-Connect III remote system is that it completely eliminates the need for a slide check. You can quickly detach and attach the remote line to your marker even when it is fully pressurized, this saves time and removes the hassle of having to depressurize the hose every single time you need to unplug it.

  • Complete remote system including quick-detach adaptor
  • Push-button release with quick disconnect
  • Black nickel anti-glare finish
  • Flexible coiled remote hose
  • User serviceable and easy to repair
  • Compatible with HPA and CO2

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