(51201601) NCStar 45 Degree Offset Rail Mount - Weaver (MPR45)

NCStar 45 Degree Offset Rail Mount - Weaver (MPR45)

List Price: $11.99 Price: $9.99

SKU: 51201601

The NCStar 45 Degree Offset Rail Mount allows the attachment of lasers, flashlights, red dot sights or other tactical accessories necessary to get the job done. Great adapter for those that use a red dot sighting system but need that extra bit of angle to see past hoppers or other accessories.


  • Offset canted design creates more mounting versatility eliminating interference with vertical Grips, handguards, optics, and other accessories
  • Perfect for mounting a backup reflex sight side by side with your primary optic
  • Ergonomic design gives easy access to on/off switches for flashlights, lasers, or red dot sights
  • Constructed of solid aluminum, hard anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Single slotted thumb nut secures the mount to Weaver/Picatinny style rails quickly and easily.

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