(20203601) NCStar AK-47/SKS Bipod - Black - AK-47/SKS (ABA)

NCStar AK-47/SKS Bipod - Black - AK-47/SKS (ABA)

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SKU: 20203601

The NCStar AK-47/SKS Bipod is designed by ex-military/police personnel to insure a high level of functionality on your AK-47/SKS barrel. This bipod has a lightweight and durable body that can withstand the highest level use and still perform for years to come. Tried and true in field use is not enough, this has also been re-designed based on customer feedback and lab testing for a truly awe-inspiring add-on. This bipod is easily mounted with the included hardware.


  • K-47/SKS Bipod Clamps Directly to Barrel
  • Weight:15.63 oz.
  • Height:8.35" (Legs Collapsed),13.50" (Legs Extended)

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