(23205404) NCStar MOLLE/PALS Vest - Tan (CPV2915T) (23205404) NCStar MOLLE/PALS Vest - Tan (CPV2915T)
(23205404) NCStar MOLLE/PALS Vest - Tan (CPV2915T)
(23205404) NCStar MOLLE/PALS Vest - Tan (CPV2915T)

NCStar MOLLE/PALS Vest - Tan (CPV2915T)

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The NCStar MOLLE/PALS Vest is a standard tactical MOLLE/PALS vest with a hydration bladder pouch in the back.


  • Standard MOLLE/PALS Tactical Vest
  • Hydration Bladder Pouch

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    Number of Reviews: 3

    • 2015-01-15
    Bought For Waya: "Definitely a bunch of room even for a bigger girl like me. I like that you can adjust the straps a lot to make that extra room. Lots of space to add other gear onto it and I'm glad I bought it. It'll work great for my purposes and I hope it'll last a long time for me." ~Waya of SAS NC

    • 2012-05-21
    The vest came in good condition, after the first use the stitching started to come apart in the front, a few more uses and the stitching started to come out in the back which I was surprised. For a player that plays every so often I would say its ok but for someone that plays more I would not reccomend this vest.

    • 2012-03-15
    Good vest, tons of MOLLE real estate. Comes with a bladder pouch as said, but when you take it out of the shipping container it's just there. There isn't even a bag that comes in it. When you first take it out it reeks of new PVC smell, but it goes away fast. It comes with 2 pistol mag pouches on the belt, which is adjustable. It also has 2 very large pockets on the inside to store barrel plugs/squeegees. It also has a padded back. I can barely fit the Valken VTAC 3 pod MOLLE pouch and the VTAC Horizontal Tank pouch on the back. I do not suggest adding anything too heavy on the front, as the mesh is thin and I can see the stiching undoing itself and/or ripping in the near future. Magazines should be fine on the front, or even an admin pouch. I reccommend this vest to anyone on a budget looking for a MOLLE vest. 4/5.

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